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PRP vs. Cortisone injection in Frozen Shoulder

Dr Jordan Davis, Musculoskeletal Medicine
Mr Matthew Brick, Orthopaedics
Mr Warren Leigh, Orthopaedics
Dr Richard Davis, Radiology

Ms Cathy Sorenson, Radiology

AUT Millenium Centre
17 Antares Place, Rosedale, Albany

STIFF trial.tif

Orthosports and The MSK Institute are conducting a Randomised Controlled Trial to investigate the best therapy for Frozen Shoulder. 

If you think you qualify for the study please get your doctor to refer you to us for assessment. 

Call 021 249 1110 for more information

Inclusion Criteria:

Frozen shoulder symptoms for 1-12months

Pain and loss of external rotation

Had an X-ray

No recent injections (within 3 months)

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